Flexibility, profitability and technical competence are our strengths when it comes to the production of high-quality castings and prefabricated parts made from specials steel.

Our Marketing Departmen, supported by experienced specialist consultants, is always ready to look after the interests of our customers. In cooperation with the Production and Quality Assurance Departments we will offer you problem solutions which guarantee tou success.


1. Electric arc furnace ДСП-1,5ИЗ with the maximum capacity of 3,500 kg of liquid metal.

2. Induction furnace ИСТ-0,4/0,6 with the maximum capacity of 650 kg of liquid metal.

3. Moulding section equipped with OMEGA’s flask and flaskless moulding machinery, with a capacity of 10 tons of mixture per hour using AlphaSet TPA-95 resin.

4. Laboratories for quality control and rapid analysis of produced metal using spectrometer ДФС-51, ДФС-500 mechanical testing laboratory.

5. Heat treatment area for steel heat treatments of all types, blast cabinet.


1. Our company specializes in design, implementation and manufacture of heat-treating fixtures for bogie, bell-type, through-type, shaft-type and other furnaces. Our company’s experience allows improving the durability of fixtures and increasing their service intervals.

2. We can manufacture castings with a weight from 20 to 2,500 kg and an as-cast finish requiring little or no further machining.

3. Manufacture of castings as per GOST 977-88, DIN 17465, etc.

4. Our clients are metallurgical, mining processing, cement and other industries.

5. Since 2005 we’ve been producing horn-shaped mandrels for making sharply curved bends D89-D530. The results of mandrel testing performed at the bend manufacturer’s premises made us select GOST 5632-72 steel grade Ст.45Х25Н20С2Л with the tungsten content up to 2%. We are ready to supply a mandrel sample for testing.



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